Life with Max Pt 2 - The Mice are Conspiring

Max was teething like crazy, I kept stepping on molars and itty bitty teeth.  He was biting and chewing like nobody’s business.  I thought I could distract him from biting me and Eloise by getting him more toys. 

Max & Donkey Oti

Quick & Easy Litter Box Disguise

Kitty litter boxes are not one of my favourite things. My home is a single level bungalow with a trap door to the mechanical room in my crawlspace. My only option is to have the litter box located somewhere on the main floor.

Ever since I remodeled my mudroom and laundry room, the litter box has been tucked away behind my washer and dryer. You can't see it from the entrance to the room, but you can from every other angle. UGH. I've been searching for a cheap and easy solution for a while but only this past week did I come up with something that works beautifully!

Positively Deer Proof Plants - Part II

Time for part 2 of positively deer proof plants!  
As I mentioned in the last edition, what works in one part of the continent may not work elsewhere.  Hungry deer will eat almost anything and white tail deer have different tastes from mule deer.  
What to do???  I'm sharing what has worked in my gardens over the last 15 years.  I've dealt with both white tail and mule deer in my community and landscaped two homes.
Hopefully these selections will provide you with some plants that you can enjoy with or without a deer issue!

Life with Max Pt I - Max Appears

I've been writing a book about my cat Max ever since I first brought him home.  I'm going to be sharing the chapters on the blog.  Hope you enjoy this departure from my usual posts!

Max Appears

2013 was a tough year for me.  I lost two out of my three beloved pets that year and the house felt sad and quiet.  My dog, Lucy, was my favourite pet of all time. She was a husky-shepherd-golden retriever mix with the best characteristics of all three breeds. She was my best friend and constant companion. We went everywhere together, she was the light of my life and in January 2013, she was gone.